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Initial Meeting

The initial stage would be for us to sit down and discuss your needs. This discussion can happen over the phone, over email, or in a face to face meeting whereby we would come to your home/office. This is arguably the most important part of the whole process as this will give us an idea of what your expectations and requirements are. During this meeting, a number of things will be discussed so that we can glean as much information as possible to allow us to create the best website for your needs. Here are just a couple of the things we will be discussing:





What do you want the website to look like? Clean and modern, or traditional? Do you want a blog, or no blog? Do you have a preferred colour scheme and logo (we may require a copy of your official artwork for the site). Pretty much everything about the look and feel of the website will be discussed here. We can even draft a couple of things up, or if there is a website that you like the look of and want us to emulate, this is the time to discuss it.




The Logic

                  The Expectation


We intend to make your website a dream come true and to your desire expectation.


The process and execution will be based on inter=participation between us and you.


the driver will be our client and to getmto the ultimate desired destination  will be our aim and objective.





Do you want a single page, 5, or 55? Either is fine, we just need to know what you need. Do you require email addresses? If so, how many? Possibly the most important thing here is the domain name . If you don’t have a domain name already, we would look to see what’s available and book that for you as soon as possible. Maybe you only want a website designed, and you already have a domain name and server ready and waiting. That’s absolutely fine. Once you’re happy with the design we’ve created, we will provide you with a full backup of the whole website so that you can upload it to your own server. We will even assist in you setting it up on your server if you need us to

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